Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This low-budget thriller seems to be moderately adored, but it did little for me. Chalk it up to my hatred of bums or dislike of twisty psychodramas, but it just never captivated me.

George (Vince Mola) is a bum who returns to his hometown to assume possession of his dead grandmother's house. I can't call him "homeless", considering he has a house and all, but he is 1000% bum. Flask full of rotgut, Salman Rushdie beard, the whole nine yards. He builds a tent inside the house and makes a trap out of string and empty beer bottles. After suffering HEAD TRAUMA! (spoiler), he begins having visions of a ghostly figure in a parka and a hanging woman.
This is filmed in a pretty stylish fashion. I dug the muted colors and cinematography. The acting wasn't really all that choice, but not egregiously bad on the low-budget scale either. What really hardened my heart towards the film was the lack of sympathetic characters. As I said, my personal prejudice might be darkening my perception—I interact with very unsympathetic and unmotivated homeless people everyday, not the ones who would be happy to have a job, but the ones who would happily sell grandma's house for more drink money. The ones who have abused or alienated everyone who might have helped them. George reminds me of those guys. Knowing that there are reasons for his couch-slouch ways doesn't do enough for me in terms of rendering him a charming protagonist. He's not fun to hate after the fashion of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST or whatever, either. He's just there...a layabout.

The young next-door neighbor who helps George repair the house in penance for giving him HEAD TRAUMA is probably my fave actor (Jamil A.C. Mangan, btw), but we don't spend enough time with his character or George's long-lost love interest to develop any sort of feeling for them. We're mostly stuck with George, in his tent, boozin' and hallucinatin' it up for much of the film's running time.

In the end, not terrible, but nothing that I'll remember much a month from now. #5 of 31.

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