Sunday, October 24, 2010

13 GHOSTS (1960)

William Castle movies, man. Always entertaining, never great, but never the source of ruing time wasted. I hadn't seen this original or the allegedly dumb and dumbly-entitled THIR13EEN GHOSTS, so my expectations were a frivolous little fun thing and expectations were met. In Illusion-O.

A profligate paleontologist (yes, really) moves with his family into an inherited house formerly owned by his uncle the ghost researcher. Said uncle collected ghosts from around the world! and they appear sporadically throughout the film. I'm not sure how this plays on DVD, sans Illusion-O! but the visuals in the theater were pretty choice. The ghosts are pretty darn ghoulish for 1960 (though the ghost wardrobe is, of course, quite dated). My fave ghosts are the ghost chef with his poncy ghost mustache and the ghost magician, who reminds me of certain disproportionate GWAR stage characters.

Anywhore, this is a Castle flick, so there's a subplot about money and rakish behavior. It's all pretty inoffensive and slight, but 13 GHOSTS moves really quickly (another Castle staple) and blends frights with laughs in pretty masterful fashion. Not much more to say and I have a ton of these things to burn through (film fest, left 1/4 of the way through because it was crowded and fat horror fans smell like leeks and cigarettes, but still saw a lot). Recommended.

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