Monday, October 18, 2010


Genre-bending madness from pre-China takeover Hong Kong! HOLY VIRGIN couldn't possibly live up to its rad title and it doesn't, but it offers a fun, if baffling, blend of horror, martial arts, gunplay, and comedy. And complete insanity.Let me try to translate the plot into Earth language. A professor is out on a camping adventure with his students when they're attacked and somewhat killed by a flying longhair. Turns out that this is all due to some ancient cult and our group of protagonists end up in Cambodia, where they enlist the help of the princess of some local tribe. They soon learn that the monster is Moon Monster, affiliated with a goddess with a mustache, and that he must have sex with one specific lady in order to regain his power. Needless to say, this whole movie makes approximately zero fucking sense whatsoever, but makes up for it (somewhat) with rapidly-edited fight scenes and ridiculous elements. The lady cop who dreams of beating suspects and abruptly leaves the film to be a movie star is maybe my fave.
This is a spectacle film and such weirdness needs to get in and begone quickly. Unfortunately, HOLY VIRGIN overstays its welcome a bit and tends to lag. It's still fun and probably a nice reminder that Asian genre stuff isn't all kids crawling out of televisions and underlit corridors. Just don't expect miracles or the "all time losers" speech from GOLDEN QUEENS COMMANDO.
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