Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The remake society and its enemies have been addressed in an earlier entry, but I found the remake blowback for this one more entertaining than average. Because NIGHT OF THE DEMONS (1988) is certainly a fun movie, but hardly merits the sort of shock and outrage that went around certain circles. Turns out you guys could've saved your breath and bile, since this remake better captures the spirit of the original film to a much higher degree than usual. Opening with a TOTALLY bitchin' sepia-toned intro (an homage to THE BEYOND, given its NOLA setting?), the film quickly shifts into the sort of rapid-fire party-horror that Earth 1 NIGHT OF THE DEMONS captured so well.
It's New Orleans and Halloween, and you know what that means: dancing! And wine, drugs, and boobs! All are on display at Angela Feld's H-ween house party, attended by Maddy (Monica Keena) and her two well-chested friends. But, uh oh, the NOLA police show up and you know this is a far-fetched movie when they don't billyclub the participants or take their drugs (also none of the cops are either morbidly portly or angry jocks). So everybody except the name actors leaves and the name actors explore the house until they find snapping skeletons. From here on out, demon possession is a sexually-transmitted disease.
NIGHT moves along at a ferocious clip, its merriment bolstered by some good b-movie writing ("What kind of demons get kicked out of hell?" "THESE ONES!"). There are a few drawbacks: the demon makeup gets progressively shoddier as the film progresses (especially Angela, jesus christ, your star player shouldn't look like something out of the Morningview Baptist Hell House); also, Edward Furlong looks terrible and is terribly miscast as Keena's love interest.; and the last third or so gets repetitious But, like, who cares? People who are trashing this movie as some egregious sin should eat a bowl of fuck. The movie itself proclaims that things "don't make sense", so what's your problem? I am repetitious, but I will never defame a horror movie for not explaining everything under the sun.
It moves quickly, has a killer soundtrack (Type O and Concrete Blonde, ooh la la), Linnea and her ass (assuming it is not a stunt ass), and most of the players deliver performances appropriate to this sort of film. Throw in the comedy and the gore and you've got prime fright fest shindig goods. Even morons who love SAW will enjoy one particular scene. People who are anti-remake zealots or didn't get the original won't dig it, but I will stand up for flawed but fun with my words and dollars.
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