Sunday, October 3, 2010


This is one of a bunch that I saw at Cinema Wasteland, so, sorry, no screenshots. This is a hybrid creature. The first half or so is a bad bad-film, as in loose, underedited, and slow. A hole in the ozone layer (lol, the eighties) turns rednecks into mutants. BLACK mutants at that, which makes one wonder what kinds of sociological commentary this film here was shooting for. So, yes, the first part is pretty zero-budget dire with scenes dragging on and on and laughs forced from the audience at gunpoint, the movie equivalent of a drunk uncle.

But the second part gets pretty entertaining. After the plot has been placed before you, the sound effects start getting ridiculous(er), like the high heels that sound like hammers pounding into an anvil. And OZONE! avoids the curse of low-budget SOV by never getting boring. Director Matt Devlen kept the pace of this thing's second portion quite jaunty and indulges the lascivious urges of horrordom with spurts of gore.

Overall, overlong, but yielding rewards to the patient, although (considering how many other things you could be doing) I can't really recommend this. #6 of 31.

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