Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Another Scarefest scrapbook memory.  This is one instance in which watching the film in a banquet room AT A FEST boosted the experience b/c director Michael Biehn and starlets Danielle Harris and Jennifer Blanc were in attendance and like totally charming.  Biehn is hilarious and Harris and Blanc apparently need those impressive breasts to contain such large, sweet hearts.  

THE VICTIM is, as Biehn said, basically a grindhouse thriller.  Two strippers go on a fun double date with two cops and sample their cop-coke.  In the midst of Danielle Harris doing her best Asia Argento impersonation, something unfortunate happens and the remainder of the film is a chase scene, peppered with flashbacks.  Flashbacks aside, this is pretty straightforward and feels like genuine grindhouse.  Illogic is present and also gratuitous shrieking and lots of shots of driving.  The driving scenes would be symptomatic of my main complaint, the bone I pick with lots of movies, namely that this could use some paring down and editing.  Since this was shot super-quickly, I'm sure it was tempting to use most of what was shot, but I think a tighter VICTIM would be a stronger VICTIM.  

It's already a pretty strong VICTIM in a lot of ways, though.  You can really tell that this was produced and performed by professionals (especially when you watch it just before Kentucky's own BUNKER OF BLOOD!) and it really does capture a lot of what makes grindhouse worthwhile: sex, drugs, violence.  I don't think it's going to change the world and the current IMDB rating is insane in the membrane to say the least (sorry, this isn't better than BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and CREEPSHOW, are you guys on Rick Perry's salvia?).  But it is a good time and makes me eager to see more from the fabulously-named Blancbiehn Productions.

I love you, IMDB comment: "WTF people?! It's supposed to be bad, it's a fucking Grindhouse movie!....and it's got Danielle Harris in it!, and tons of violence and shit, so what more do you want?!"

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