Friday, October 21, 2011


Though it's more of a thriller/mystery than a slasher movie, it's probably easiest to describe AMSTERDAMNED as the MY BLOODY VALENTINE of scuba diving.  

Set in Amsterdam (of course) and taking full advantage of the city's many canals, AMSTERDAMNED is the story of a murderous scuba diver using said canals to slash and set adrift his victims.  The movie's quite a lot better than the premise would suggest, as director Dick Maas is obviously a talented pro and fills the film with lots of cool scenes, unusual lighting (love those blues and reds), and glorious action sequences.  

The chase scenes in this are probably the show's stars, especially the unbelievable speedboat chase.  If you adore things running into or flying over other things (including an orchestra practicing in a gondola on the water), these scenes will win your heart.  They are expertly shot and edited and scored with magnificent 80s synth-heavy songs.  

It's not like the other scenes are throwaways, though.  AMSTERDAMNED boasts a solid cast and a director who knows how to keep it surprising and interesting (see below).  People who watch this after a marathon of torture-porn stuff might be a little gutted that the violence is mostly restrained, but the execution and the seldom-scene setting more than make up for it.  Not my genre of choice, really, but this is one of the best examples.

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