Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I think I might have expected too much from this one, given its moderate cult rep and colorful title (appropriated by Jewel Shepard for her book).  It's all right, but nothing that will rock your world.

The men of this one town are dying in droves because they're exerting too much energy during sex (while the women lie there like narcoleptic sacks, typical).  So the government sends one guy to investigate.   You'd probably bet that this means that INVASION is full to bursting with sex.  And your poor betting skills are why America is suffering the worst economy since the thirties, because this has some sex, but not a lot.  You know what it has instead?  Lots of talking and lots of walking around. (NOTE: I have been informed that the DVD uses the cut TV version of this, which doesn't make sense because it has SOME nudity, but maybe my opinion would change if I saw an uncut version?)

Turns out that all this sex-death is the fault of the titular bee girls, who can convert Earth women into bee girls by smearing them with white modeling clay and blasting them with energy rays.  The end!  It's not terrible, but it's probably nothing that I'll ever watch again.  How many times will I believe seventies trash cinema's fraudulent promises?

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