Sunday, October 30, 2011


So I heard about this thing on Cincinnati's groovy Night of the Living Podcast, but I'm not even sure that I have the correct NARCO SATANICO, as this is allegedly a retitled TERROR, SEXO Y BRUJERIA that was padded with added footage.  IMDB lists a NARCOSATANICOS DIABOLICOS, released in 1991, that is apparently a sexy comedy.  So who knows?  There aren't even any narcos in this, apart from the various magical remedies used by the witch who helps Vicky obtain the love of Ricardo.  Using Satan's aid.

Satan fathered lies, though, and Vicky ends up killing Ricardo.  Ricardo's ghost then possesses his brother Carlos and sends him lusting after Vicky for a while before giving her her murder back.  Along with the way, there's some weird stuff, like rapid editing of a guy in a demon mask and a cat overdubbed with a panther roar, but mostly NARCO SATANICO plays like a cheapo grindhouse movie, though not as crushingly dull as the worst of them.

One thing that apparently still happens in Mexico is that superstition is spliced with science, so the end of this features a courtroom scene in which one man mocks another for not keeping abreast of the current trends in "hypnometric trances".  See, everyone has two bodies, their physical bodies and their astral bodies.  So the testimony in this case is conducted under hypnometric influence, with possessed Carlos traversing the astral landscape.  Underneath the lovingly-lingered-upon cross in the courtroom.  But then this ends with a zombie ripping out guts, so I forgive it.  Not the best thing ever, but not godawful either.  I'd be curious to see the other, more rib-tickling NARCOSATANICOS...

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