Saturday, December 31, 2011


Mondo Macabro delivers again!  This seventies sleazefest from Spain goes for the gold in one of the most difficult hybrids in horror: the erotic horror film.  I know there are tons of them out there, but has anyone, even a baby fresh from the oven, been frightened by the likes of the WITCHCRAFT series?  As stimulating and good as it is, do you think a viewer was ever really upset by the alluring DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS?  These are questions for science, but I can answer this question—what is a film that is legitimately both sexy and scary?  Answer: SATAN'S BLOOD.  Or ESCALOFRIO.  Either works.

A couple meet up with what are purportedly a college friend and his galpal, then everyone goes back to a mansion in the sticks.  The mansion-owning couple have quite the collection of occult doodads, although if you are like me, you will sigh and wave your arm like a diva whenever a pentagram is shown.  So these people are like Wiccans or something?  Still, it's the seventies and there's no reason to be a pentagram pedant about such business.  The foursome end up playing eighth-grade games on the coolest Ouija board I have EVER seen...

...then the non-Pagan couple discover their hosts naked on an (UPSIDE-DOWN) pentagram and are promptly placed under a spell and sucked into an orgy.  I cannot lie on New Year's Eve, these scenes are quite stirring.  The ladies are gorgeous and all-natural, the guys are not distractingly repulsive.  It's choice.  But SATAN'S BLOOD isn't just about sexy times on the logo of Wicca, it's about horror!  Awful lady-eating, bad things with dogs, and death aplenty all go down.  I don't want to overpraise this thing because it's a low-budget film with all the attendant flaws, but so few films get this stuff right that it's well worth your time to seek this out.  

One peripheral note: you'll recognize lots of the voices in the English dub from all your fave Italian zombie and such movies.  This kind of made me wonder if voice actors got pigeonholed into roles and, if so, if hearing their voice automatically colored the viewer's perception of characters.  This is another question for scientists, I expect.  In the meantime, break out las tits and los black candles and get yourself a copy of this one.

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