Sunday, March 11, 2012

I AM HERE....NOW (2010)

Neil Breen's been cited as a Wiseau-esque figure, a Vegas realtor who funnels his money into these far-out vanity film projects.  I AM HERE...NOW is the first Breen thing I've seen and it indeed glistens with promise.  The best of what you call bad movies have an arcane, surreal air, like films made by aliens unfamiliar with Earthly ways and gab.  So it's a great sign that this opens with Breen as a messianic alien(?) or actual god(?) visiting his creation, the Earth.  He tells a skull and a tarantula, "I'm disappointed in your species," then clarifies, "The human species."  Then he meets the couple pictured below, the male of which has just injected something intravenously without tying off or finding a vein.

It soon becomes clear that Breen's alien is primarily disappointed in humanity's failure to adopt solar energy. He is also no fan of politicians and businesspeople, who wear their suits and ties when they go to meet street gangs in front of bombed-out houses.  The business-politico cabal are recognizably evil because they talk like this:

SUIT GUY #1: Now that we've paid off our fellow elected representatives in the legislature, that environmental solar panel bill will fail next week.
SUIT GUY #2: Not to mention the cash it'll put in our pockets!

They also stand around cheering while assorted people are mutilated in the street and hands and ears are cut off (offscreen) while victims say, "No!  Don't cut off my ear!  DAAAAAAH!!!!  DAAAAAAH!!!!  DAAAAAAH!!!!  DAAAAAAH!!!!"

The result of all this politician-business caballing is that innocent girls who work at the solar panel factory get laid off (and all layoffs and office conversations in this movie happen outside of buildings in the parking lot).  One has a twin who advises her sister to "become a stripper! An escort!  You'd be great at that!"  Other unemployed persons become car thieves.  "In this economy" (srsly, this is said) the only possible jobs are solar panels and sex work.  "I'm an environmental activist and it's getting me nowhere!"  Thanks, corporate greed!

It's tough to find info on this thing on the Internet, but people have compared it to THE ROOM and BIRDEMIC.  I think the latter is a closer cousin, since both movies have a very earnest and impassioned social conscious.  I am re-reading Atlas Shrugged and I AM HERE also reminded me a lot of that...both works have very little subtlety in depicting good guys vs. bad guys.  The evil corporates and innocent victims of this movie are mirror images of hard-working, creative Dagny Taggart and the lazy looters who want to steal her efforts and topple her into obscurity.  Sermons all around!

I AM HERE isn't top-to-bottom fun like THE ROOM either: it would benefit from some cropping of the driving and desert scenes, which have a KOYAANISQATSI feel that jars with the mayhem of the street mutilating and bikini chicks failing to get onto raft scenes.  But there is plenty here that merits watching!  Recommendation to buy!

Getting it might be problematic, though.  I found the movie's website, but didn't see any way to order it!  I ended up trading for a used copy, but then was informed that there is an order page here.  I'd probably email before sending money, just in case they delinked the order page for a reason (like the I AM HERE NOW DVD factory had to lay off its staff).  There have been screenings in California and Pennsylvania, so keep an eye out if you can't get a copy of this (or check ebay and ioffer and seller posts on sites like AVManiacs!).  

"It'll take a power greater than ours to get rid of us.  AND clean up the system.  AND manage the environmental resources of this planet the way they were intended."


Jose Prendes said...

I need to find this movie!!! Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi!

CWL said...

I wish I could help! The director has a new film (that looks completely incredible!). Maybe contact him through their page?

I'm sure there are still original copies floating around at horror cons and such, too.

PS Your site is excellent!