Monday, September 3, 2012


TRICK OR TREAT is the Back in Black of metal horror movies.  Even people who couldN'T care less about the genre(?) are familiar with it, even if they don't love it.  But, really, who could dislike this?  Hitler and Slobodan Milosevic are prob not big fans, but otherwise only 100% posers.  Because it pretty much follows the template for heavy metal scare flicks and trucks in the fun besides...

Eddie Weinbauer is unfortunate enough to be named that, so he actually takes on the nickname Ragman willingly.  Strike two: he's the local metalhead.  Unbelievably, heavy metal people are commonly not that popular in high school!  The cool kids are too busy Depeching their hair with expensive salon products OR procuring rohypnol for their date-rapes to respect a jean jacket with vintage Raven patches or whatever.  In extreme cases or horror movies, this can even lead to bullying.  "Get lost, metalhead!" one of these mall-thugs says to Eddie.  Then they lightheartedly try to MURDER him by placing a weight in his backpack!  See, TRICK OR TREAT knows its material: jocks would definitely try to kill metalheads with weights and they could safely plan to put it in the metalhead's backpack, because he will have one.      

Eddie's only friend (besides a nerd named Roger and this girl he creepily fancies) is Sammi Curr.  Not that he really knows Sammi, he just listens to his albums continuously and writes him embarrassing confessional letters about how life sucks.  More hyper-realism: before I wrote a horror blog, I used to be a teenager who wrote letters to Mike Muir from Suicidal Tendencies!  I am fucking lucky that I didn't get inducted into a gang through this correspondence.  Anyway, Sammi Curr dies in a fire!  Luckily, Eddie knows the local DJ (Gene Simmons!), who gives him the very last Sammi Curr record.  Guess what, Sammi Curr comes back through this record!

Initially, he is content to kill people through TV sets (one of whom is Ozzy, playing a preacher, GET IT ZOMG).  He also incarnates as ectoplasm and molests a woman with pimple-breasts through a Walkman.  But soon he seeks vengeance on the non-socially-deformed kids at school, so much so that erstwhile nerd compadre Eddie turns on his idol. 

Take this the way it was intended and it's a minor riot.  People die from lightning shot out of a guitar, come on.  There's a bit of on-purpose comedy here, but it is quick and actually works instead of wrecking the party.  I loved Roger vacuuming up the PTA lady's remains and it's just a really short scene, then the movie gets back to business.  Well done.   The movie's pretty professionally staged, kind of bloated, but mostly slick and smart enough.  No surprise, given the director later went on to do AIR BUD.

And the music!  I'd argue that TRICK OR TREAT has the finest soundtrack of any heavy metal horror movie.  This is because it was performed by Fastway, featuring "Fast" Eddie Clarke (formerly of MOTORHEAD) AND Dave King (later of Flogging Molly, and, yes, he will get pissed off if you bring this movie up, lololol).  Listen to that rocking below, it is unfuckwithable.  And look at Dave King's hair!  Do you think he would be Irish-punking it up today if Fastway had broke big off this shit, like Puffy did with that song he wrote for the GODZILLA soundtrack?

Not great, but super-fun!  "The song remains the same.  Total conflict.  Them against us!"

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