Friday, August 22, 2014

Horror Hotline: Big Head Monster (2001)

Hyped quite a lot way back when and now I'm not sure why. Horror Hotline: Big Head Monster has occasional flashes of hotness, but generally ends up feeling like a low-rent Ringu.  An American film crew arrives in Hong Kong to document the workflow of a local Coast to Coast-style supernatural-themed radio show.  By coincidence, they show up just in time to capture a call about a "big-head baby", a deformed infant in a cage which some soccer kids discovered in the 1960s.  Curses and spooky stuff have a lengthy shelf life and so our heroes end up immersed in the arcane.  And the film basically details their attempts to solve the mystery as a baby-sized body count gets a little bigger.  It looks good and is well-acted, but the script doesn't do enough to differentiate this from the zillions of other vengeful-ghost movies floating around out there.  They spent all their creativity on that title, I guess.


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