Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Ghoul (1933) + 1933 Rankings

The Ghoul's title and spooky early scenes might mislead you into considering it a serious scare piece.  Boris Karloff sears the screen as a dying Egyptologist.  He leans on his Christian butler to ensure that a whole long list of burial rites are enacted, then dies.  And the rites follow and so does an Arab who is interested in a jewel which has been interred with the Egyptologist.  All pretty standard-fare frightster stuff, but then we get a whole fat middle of old dark house-type comedy that's generally not too amusing.  Karloff shows up again at the film's end and the uptick in real horror content makes Act Three of The Ghoul a little more palatable, but ultimately not much here matters.  The generic spookshow score portends the averageness which haunts all the parts of this film.


And that wraps up 1933, rejoice!

3. King Kong - ***1/2
4. Son of Kong - ***
5. Night of Terror - **3/4
6. Supernatural - **1/2
7. The Vampire Bat - **1/2
9. The Ghoul - **1/2

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