Monday, October 13, 2014

Afflicted (2013)

Found footage as a style will walk the Earth forever, long after the zombies and vampires are gone, so haters should get used to it.  And maybe watch better examples of the technique to salve their hate, like Afflicted.  Derek Lee and his documentarian pal Clif are traveling the world.  Derek's been diagnosed with a terminal brain thing and, rather than die in a hospital, he wants to experience life while he can.  So they travel to Europe and meet up with their hipster band friends, and Derek hooks up with a lady at some nightclub.

Just like in those 50s movies about syphilis, this is where the problems start.  Following this encounter, he starts to experience all sorts of weird behavior.  Strange cravings, foreign lesions.  Eventually, horror people will start to figure out what's happening, but Afflicted takes a pretty worn-out mythology and pumps a bit of new life into it.  While it isn't perfect or astounding, it's definitely pretty entertaining all the way through.

Found footage, more than other things, lives or dies based on its acting.  The camerawork is more primitive and conceals less, so if you don't have convincing performances, the project as a whole isn't going to work.  Thankfully, our leads here are pretty solid and I'd be curious to see them in other things going forward.  Unless you're totally repulsed by found footage, you could certainly do worse than giving this a spin.


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