Monday, October 27, 2014

Mas Alla del Terror (1980)

I'm tired (October takes forever) and this Spanish curio isn't that compelling, so let's just zip through it.  We begin with a homely woman and her tryst with a podgy man.  She claims to be interested, but doesn't want to go to a "dirty motel".  So they go to a forest by a small road and lie down on literal dirt instead.

Turns out she's one of a quartet of criminal degenerates.  The Last House on the Left influence is very pronounced, although the dialogue is a little more simple-minded.  OMG 2 XTREME~

Dragging along an adulterous couple, they home-invade an old lady and also meet her grandson, who is crying upstairs.

The gang betty tells stories of past run-ins with sheriffs and their corrective methods.

Long story short, the old lady dies and spends her dying breaths summoning up the powers of darkness to avenge her.  Incredibly, it's at this point that what had been just a mediocre film starts slowing to an annoying crawl.

The gang end up in some temple's ruins and are summarily killed by the bruja's dark magic.  Mas Alla del Terror doesn't really offer anything that you haven't seen before and doesn't improve the execution of its well-worn tricks.  The aforementioned dialogue is pretty funny on occasion, but can't compensate for the movie's dull and tedious everything else.


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