Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse (1967)

It's finally time to spend some more time with Coffin Joe.  I love the lazy setup for this sequel.  A townsperson points at Joe's corpse and says, "Look, he's still alive!" and then it's on.  I am coughin' Joe today, but will try to make this not completely atrocious, despite my cold.

As with The Evictors, the credits could reasonably be called the best part of the movie.  Names expand and hover over screaming, dying actors and closeups of their body parts.

But then there's still a movie to watch.  Coffin Joe sticks to his guns about the whole desire-for-a-son thing, since it's the only way to guarantee immortality in his pseudo-Nietzschean worldview.  Unfortunately for women, they're liable to be kidnapped and put through assorted tests before Coffin Joe picks a gal that he would actually do.  Who will be Miss Coffin Joe?

This movie does seem a bit edgier than the first Joe adventure and contains some inspired trash.  In one memorable moment, Joe opens a trap door so that his captives can watch him have sex while snakes bite them to death.

And there's a vision of hell which provides the film's only instances of color.  It's a bold choice and I liked the Dante-style portrayal of hell's torments (in theory).  In execution, though, it goes on for too long a time and the camera gets really close to the fake tridents so you can examine in detail how fake they are and see how they're not even nearly touching flesh.

Of course, Joe's scheme to impregnate someone is foiled by interlopers who are mad about all the killing he does.  It's also foiled by God, who accepts Joe's invitation to show him a miracle.  I won't spoil the miracle, but it's seriously hilarious that Joe is all, "No, this is just a coincidence!" while it's happening.   Again, these seem to be horror movies only by the loosest definitions.  Joe is a pseudo-intellectual brute, but he doesn't have any supernatural powers and doesn't have the killing prowess of a slasher villain.  Maybe things will get spookier as the series continues.  At any rate, this is just as fun as the first outing.


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