Thursday, October 9, 2014

Without Warning (1980)

I saw this and the next few entries at a con, so don't expect a treasure trove of screenshots.  Without Warning is one of the many kinds of "almost" horror films that I like.  This isn't a bad movie in the sense of delivering unintentional comedy in the Room or Conjuring fashion.  It's adequately filmed and boasts solid vet actors like Martin Landau and Jack Palance.  The story, although not Melville-level epic (or even like Nicholas Sparks-level), is just fine and moves at a brisk pace.  I doubt it's anybody's favorite movie or a serious inspiration, but it's definitely fun enough to watch at a drive-in or in a room full of drunks and perverts.  

People in this exceedingly remote patch of woods are being attacked by starfish-style flying disc things with burrowing suckers.  It's all part of a plot by a malevolent blue alien to hunt earthlings as trophies.  Luckily, crazy old timers Landau and Palance are around to eventually fumble their way into stopping the plot.  If this sounds a lot like Predator, it kind of is, except that instead of getting to a chopper, they have to get to a shitty house that has probably had a grandma die in it.

And that's it!  Small in scale thanks to the tiny cast and minimal number of sets, so it gets a little claustrophobic at times.  But Without Warning is at least decent and has a substantial amount of B-movie charm. Worth seeing, but probably best in a social setting and paired with something legitimately splendid.  


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