Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Malabimba (1979)

The opening five or so minutes of Malabimba is the greatest film anyone has ever made.  A seance is held, with the medium wearing approximately fifteen pounds of makeup.  She gets possessed and says rude things to everyone.  Then the demon invisibly unzips a guy's zipper as he exclaims, "Goodness gracious!"  Then the demon yanks a lady's top right off and calls her a whore.  Impeccable.

Unfortunately, the movie doesn't stop there, and the demon keeps moving, departing the medium and detouring into a toy puppy in a scene that seems to presage Xtro.

As you'd expect, the demon eventually gets into the girl in the pic above, who is hilariously named Bimba.  Therefore, from then on, Malabimba.  This is sometimes called Malabimba: the Malicious Whore, which doesn't really make sense because (Mala)bimba isn't old enough to have chosen a profession yet.  Although there is a whore in this movie.  See if you can find her in the next few images.

Meet Nais, the movie's best character, the only one who would make a good best friend!  Her entrance is one more peak before the movie settles into its boring routine.  There are occasionally flashes of comic brilliance:

But generally it's a tired grind.  One weird thing about this one is that there's practically no violence in it.  It's essentially a porno movie that happens to star a possessed person.  And if you think I'm kidding about the "porno" part, you should watch it and enjoy the two angles of close-up penetration that they repeat over and over and over.  

You're the best whore in the world!

It feels like Tintorera's backwards cousin.  Whereas that movie started off as a sleaze flick until the makers heard how much Jaws was making and then it became a shark movie midway through...Malabimba feels like it began life as an Exorcist clone and somehow evolved into a dull XXX film.  "I thought this was a possession movie!" is the refrain in my notes.  The movie's whole reason for existence is cast aside for long stretches so we can enjoy bed scenes full of body hair and famished kissing.

Movies about possession are really fucking things up this October.  Maybe it's time to move on to other subjects.


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