Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Possession of Nurse Sherri (1978)

The thing about Russian roulette is that sometimes you lose and you lose hard.  I picked this year's movies by putting my unwatched horror stuff into an Excel spreadsheet, then added RANDBETWEEN and let fate decide.  And my loss will live on in legends and poems for years.  It has been years since Al Adamson graced this, uh, screen and The Possession of Nurse Sherri makes for a lamentable return.  It starts off offense-free: the world's smallest and most poorly-dressed Satanic congregation gather in a desert to try to resurrect a guy named William.

It sort of works a little, becuz the corpse head moves like an inch to the side.  But then the cult leader is overcome with his efforts and has the third-grade Christmas play version of a heart attack.

And now the fun mostly stops, as we follow the cult leader to the hospital, where we meet tons of amorous doctor-nurse couples, including Nurse Sherri.  The sets are typically barren white walls, which makes the choice of brown gloves so much more horrible.  It looks like people dipped their hands in the chocolate fountain, like greedy raccoons.

Given that "possession" is right in the title, you'd think the movie would focus a lot on that.  But you'd be wrong!!  We spend a ton of time on the romance between newly-blinded football player and voodoo expert Marcus Washington and his nurse, Smiley.  Washington is newly blind, so he assumes that Smiley is white.  This concept is reinforced over approximately twenty minutes of dialogue. 

But, yeah, Sherri gets possessed by the cult leader guy and demonstrates it by:
  • Rolling her eyes while driving down the street
  • Talking in a badly overdubbed man voice. 

  • Killing some ex-doctor hick with a pitchfork in one of the movie's ONLY kill scenes

This movie is mostly a joyless and turgid trial, as bereft of enjoyment as its mostly-blank walls.

Here, you've read this far, you've earned this.

Sometimes lines appear that touch greatness, like "You can take your pentagram and shove it!", but overall this is generally worthless and a real disappointment after the trashy good times I've had with other Adamson joints.


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